Amazing camping spot, Switzerland

We started this camping trip with a ride in the cable car, where we already had some beautiful views. After we went up more or less 1000 height meter, we started our hike. My father, my cousine and I hiked while 2 hours, it was very cloudy and I was already a bit afraid, we wouldn`t see anything up there.


The view we had on this valley was really amazing.


If you look closely, you can even see the cable car station through all the fog.


Just my cousine sitting there and enjoying the amazing view. Would you dare?


Saw this lonely peak on the other side of this beautiful valley, while hiking.

After a very steep and exhausting hike, while we carried a lot of weight on our back, we reached the mountain hut. We drank something, then we wanted to reach our camping spot, where we would spend the night. First, this place was completely covered in fog, but the mood there was really special and suddenly the fog disappeared for a few minutes, but came back again.

We walked again half an hour to reach our camping place and when we arrived, we had an absolutely breathtaking view on this lake.


First we just sat there, and enjoyed the moment. Then we built up our tent.


After building up the tent, we walked back to get a different view, and just under our camping spot, was another spot, where we had an awesome view on this awesome lake.


A bit different angle.


There was always some fog and some clouds around.


My cousine brought a red dress, so we could take some cool pictures.


The color of the lake is definitely very special.


And thats me:)


Thats not me.


Later that day, some crazy sun beams break through the clouds.


I also met two great photographers who also camped at the same spot.


Sunset was really epic, the whole sky turned orange and the last sun beams were breaking through the clouds and the mountain peaks.

There was a lot of wind in the evening, but fotunately it stopped when we went to sleep. We woke up at 01:00 in the morning to try to get some nightshots of the milkyway. It was really cold, but it was really worth it.


I had never seen the milkyway before, so I was really excited! After taking some pictures, we went to sleep again, till a drone woke us up at 05:30 in the morning. Someone was flying just some meters with his drone above our tent, and of course that woke us up. I went outside, it was already pretty bright. ( btw, it was a famous german photographer..)


After packing all our stuff, we went to the little hut which is close from the spot where we spent the night. We drank a coffee and continued our little adventure. We were still hiking up when we finally reached the highest point of our trip at 2900 meters on the “Kistenpass”. My cousine, my friend Albin and I were pretty exhausted, but we had still a lot to hike, to reach a little village where we had to take the bus. We stopped by a little lake, where we ate breakfast.


Can you spot me?:)

After hiking some hours, we finally reached the small village and with a lot of luck we were able to catch the bus ( which drives only a few times per day…) and headed back home.

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